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    Quarterly Newsletter: Fall 2017

    Caring for parents and spouses suffering from dementia and disease; tips for your end-of-year giving; and one warm item you may be missing.

    Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2017

    Career perspectives from educators in our class, and news from class officers on how to connect to other alums in education, ways of giving back to the college, and more.

    Quarterly Newsletter: Fall 2018

    Two classmates share their career paths in healthcare; the stats on another goal-exceeding giving campaign; and something to keep you warm this fall and always.

    Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2018

    Sweet tokens of nostalgia for sale and inspiring news from Wellesley sisters who have benefited from our contributions to the Jonathan Daniels Scholarship Fund.

    September 2016 Class Notes

    Thanks to outgoing officers; the new officers, and your news!
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