September Class News

New Class Officers after 10 years and your news!

Special thanks to our outgoing class officers, Pia Norman, Susie Synn Adamson, Patricia Lennon, Katherine Ingraham (2006-2014) Stephanie MacDonald Ceruolo, and Wendy Brauner for their 10 years of hard work and service! Sue Ann MacBride continues her class officer service as Treasurer (she was Vice President from 2014-16, stepping in after Katherine Ingraham's VP term). As your new class co-secretaries, Tselane Sheppard-Williams and Heather Whyte-Kattas, we want to encourage you to send us any and all news…the good, the bad, the small, the grand, the beautiful and the challenging! Please don’t force us to start stalking everyone, because we will! We would particularly like to hear from those of you who have never been in the magazine before! And here is the news….

Picture above (l to r): Lori Dreischmeier '86, Lian Jue '98, Simone Raclin Linn '93 and Jeny Quine '91, all friends through the LA Wellesley club, are celebrating Lian's 40th birthday in Solvang. Alicia Lopez will be beginning her 22nd year of teaching, her 13th at Amherst Regional Middle School. She has accepted a new position as co-assistant principal, so she will be administrating half-time and teaching half-time. She recently received an award as a semi-finalist for 2017 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. Susan Elia MacNeal writes that her novel, The New York Times bestseller Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante, was nominated for an Agatha Award. Her new book, The Queen’s Confidante, will release on October 4th. Lynn Sherr ‘63 and she had lunch recently and are mutual fans of each other’s work. Dinah Koehler’s research to establish metrics that can show whether a company is having a positive impact on climate, health and water was reported in the Wall Street Journal on July 4, 2016. Joining her in the Wall Street Journal on August 4, 2016, is Nicole Maestas, whose recent paper analyzed the impact of aging on economic growth. Amye Sukapdjoand and Amy Ralston recently got together in Pennsylvania while Amye was attending a lacrosse tournament with youngest daughter Simone. Alicia Sterling Beach writes that she is grateful to have been selected for representation by ArtLifting, a non-profit in Boston that assists artists with disabilities who struggle with homelessness and the costs of maintaining art in storage. She invites everyone to check out her art on ArtLifting. Also, in January 2016, Karen Jordan took a new job as a reporter at Bisnow, a real estate news source with offices in New York, D.C. and L.A. Take a listen to her song “Your Pain is My Pain” on YouTube!

Finally, a heartfelt welcome to our new class officers, Trish DeAngelis (President), Anne Crary Berger (Vice President), Sue Ann MacBride (Treasurer), Amy Jasperson (Fundraising) and Christina Knight (Social Media)! Keep the news coming everyone!!!